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Wickham Nails & Beauty

6 The Square, Wickham, Fareham PO17 5JQ, United Kingdom

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Fish Pedicure

Gel Nails


Nail Art

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Wispers Hair & Nails

12 The Square, Wickham, Fareham PO17 5JQ, United Kingdom

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Fish Pedicure

Gel Nails


Nail Art

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Face and Skin Clinic - Wickham

The Blue Door, 4 The Square, Wickham, Fareham PO17 5JN, United Kingdom

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Brazilian Waxing

Hollywood Waxing


Back Waxing

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3600 Parkway, Whiteley, Fareham PO15 7AN, United Kingdom

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Acne Facial

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Blossom Aesthetics fareham ❤️

Blossom Aesthetics 102 Miller Drive (salon 102, Fareham, PO16 7LN, United Kingdom

+44 7880 882860+44 7880 882860Call to book



Acne Facial

Chemical Peel

Dermabrasion FAQs

Dermabrasion is a skin-resurfacing procedure that treats fine lines, acne scars, and sun damage by removing the external layers of your skin using a device that revolves at high-speed (don’t worry, you’ll be given an anaesthetic to numb the pain). Your skin will become red and swollen directly after treatment, but as the outer layers grow back, you’ll have smoother, younger looking skin. Dermabrasion is typically carried out by a dermatologist.

Dermabrasion not only helps give you smoother, younger looking skin, but it can also help treat scars, fine lines, rhinophyma, age spots, uneven skin tone, and even precancerous skin patches.

Yes, but don’t worry: you’ll be given a local or general anaesthetic before treatment begins.

You should be able to go back to work after 2 weeks, but you’ll need to wait up to 3 months for your skin tone to return to normal. You’ll have dressings to change, too, so follow your dermatologist’s aftercare instructions to ensure swift and healthy healing.

Yes: your skin will be red and swollen, and you could experience bleeding. Risks and other possible side effects of dermabrasion include infection, allergic reactions to your anaesthetic, acne breakouts, freckle loss, skin tone changes, and temporarily enlarged pores. Some people have reported severe scarring, but this is rare.

Roughly 4-6 treatments; your dermatologist should be able to give you a more accurate idea based on your skin type.

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Dermabrasion can give you some serious results when it comes to resurfacing your skin. So if acne scars, age spots or wrinkles are troubling you, dermabrasion may help.

It works by moving a rotating device across your face, which removes imperfections and the outer layers of skin. As you heal, the new skin is likely to look younger and have a more even skin tone. It's not a procedure to be taken lightly, and you should schedule some recovery time afterwards. Find out more with one of the dermabrasion specialists on Fresha. You can book through the Fresha mobile app, and set aside around 1 hour for an appointment in Wickham.

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