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Best Deep Tissue Massages in Broadwaters, Kidderminster

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Kels Sports Massage Therapies

Kels Sports Massage Therapies


309 reviews

3 Leswell Street, Kidderminster, DY10 1RP, England

90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

1h 30min


1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage



45 Minute Deep Tissue Massage



30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage



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Lou’s Beautique

Lou’s Beautique


40 reviews

UK, Vine Street, Kidderminster, DY10, England

Hot stone massage 1 hour



Hot stone back massage



Mother’s Day option two ( March only )



Underarm wax



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Bamboo Day Spa

Bamboo Day Spa


433 reviews

100-101 Coventry Street, Kidderminster, DY10 2BH, England

Deep Tissue Massage

30min - 1h 30min


Spring Booster



Vitamin B12 Injections



Lash Extensions

30min - 2h 15min


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Deep Tissue Massage FAQs

When you get a deep tissue massage, your therapist will ask which area of your body you want them to focus on. There is no standard method - the treatment should be tailored to your specific needs, but all therapists will have their own individual styles too.

You’ll be asked to lay on the massage table, either on your front, back or side depending on what area is being massaged. Your therapist might begin lightly at first to warm up your muscles, before moving on to the areas of focus.

This will involve deep pressure being applied slowly with hands, arms and elbows to release your contracted muscles and tissues. The time it takes to complete the treatment can vary, but it will normally be between one and two hours.

Feeling slightly sick or dizzy after a massage, particularly a deep tissue massage that involves intense pressure on your body, is quite common. It’s normally as a result of dehydration - a deep tissue massage releases toxins from your lymphatic system that build up under your skin. The best way to remedy this and flush out those toxins is to stay hydrated, so make sure you drink a little water regularly before your massage and hydrate thoroughly afterwards!

However remember, if you are feeling any severe discomfort, pain or sickness after your treatment, you should talk to a healthcare professional.

It’s been known for centuries that emotions can be trapped deep inside the body, and a deep tissue massage can be effective at helping release those tensions. Your massage therapist will understand the importance of emotional release as part of their treatments - however it’s important to remember that they may not be trained to assist in emotional therapy.

Deep tissue massages offer a range of benefits, from improved circulation and blood pressure to better sleep and a healthier mind. However, there is currently very little evidence to directly link deep tissue massages to the breakdown of fat.

That doesn’t mean a deep tissue massage, or any kind of massage, can’t be used as part of a well-rounded approach to weight loss. If it makes you feel better both mentally and physically that can only help!

The reason a deep tissue massage can leave lingering pain and discomfort is because they involve intense physical pressure on your body. It’s completely normal for the soreness to last for a day or even two or three!

Not only can a masseuse or massage therapist feel tension - they should! They’re professionally trained to find and release tension in your body using techniques like compression.

Massage etiquette is a thing - and it’s important for both you and your therapist. When you’re undergoing a treatment, you shouldn’t:

  • Disrespect your therapists’ boundaries
  • Be late and expect your full time
  • Dress down while your therapist is still in the room
  • Make excessive noise

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Here at Fresha, we've been busy. We made it our mission to seek out the best massage places in the whole of Broadwaters, to offer you the most convenient appointments. Choose a massage therapist to suit your needs, pick a time that works best, and pay securely online for peace of mind. No messing about. Just pure self-indulgence.

You can try to count the number of five-star businesses around Broadwaters on one hand, but there's little point. Put that second hand away too. Because the numbers are looking good. There are businesses in your area that have received full marks from customers who've booked through us. Five out of five stars right there. And if it’s nearby massage places you're after, then you can stop searching. Let us lead you to some of Broadwaters’s top massage therapists. They're offering much more still.

Nothing says relief like a deep tissue massage. Whether you're looking for a gentle grounding or need a muscle pounding, let the experts know which pressure works for you.

Get to the root of your strain to relieve pain and built-up tension. And if you've got an injury or ailment, top therapists can help heal and soothe symptoms. Find your deep relaxation treatment with the massage therapists on Fresha in Broadwaters. You can book a session length that suits you, with most appointments taking between 30 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes.

Join the millions of people around the world who are benefitting from using Fresha. With 80,000 businesses in 120 countries using Fresha's top-ranked schedule maker to take instant online appointments, you can even count on us during your next trip abroad. So pack your bags. For any help with booking your next massage appointment in Broadwaters, United Kingdom, drop in to our help centre. We like things to be as smooth as you're going to feel. For seamless appointments and exclusive discounts, book with us now. We're the place to be for all your wellness and self-care needs.

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