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Children's Haircut FAQs

Booking your child in for regular hair appointments will depend on how quickly their hair grows, and how you like their hair to be styled. So relax; there’s no right or wrong age. Saying that, children typically start getting regular haircuts between the ages of 6 months and 2 years old.

Haircut regularity is largely dictated by your child’s age, how quickly their hair grows, and how you like their hair to be styled. Some recommend getting younger children’s hair cut at least once every three months; others advise getting it cut at more regular intervals of 3-8 weeks.

Choose a salon or barber that is patient, likes children and is experienced in cutting the hair of easily-distracted littlies. Word of mouth recommendations are always best, but if you don’t have that luxury, go online to seek out somewhere local that has exceptional reviews for their children’s haircuts.

The top three hairstyles for girls include Lemonade braids (à la Beyonce), the bob (hair sits inline with or just above the jawline and is cut in a sharply defined line with curved tips), and the pony tail. For boys it’s the classic taper (short back and sides), the textured French crop, and the mop top (tapered layers at the side, with longer free-falling hair at the top).

Your child’s stylist will probably pop a booster seat onto the regular salon chair, put their standard hairdressing cape around your child’s shoulders to prevent cut hair from getting on their clothes or falling down the back of their neck, and then comb or brush their hair ready to start trimming. Hairdressing scissors are sharp, so it’s important you help your child stay still. The stylist will have probably cut children’s hair before, so they’ll help with the encouragement, too.

Expect your child to either love it or hate it. They might find it scary, they might not. So prepare them by telling them what to expect, and bring distractions and treats along with you to give them during and after their haircut.

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