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Waxing Salon image for Laser Clinics Australia - Runaway Bay Centre

Laser Clinics Australia - Runaway Bay Centre

Shop G053, Runaway Bay Shopping Centre, 10-12 Lae Dr, Runaway Bay QLD 4216, Australia

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Brazilian Waxing

Hollywood Waxing

Back Waxing

Bikini Waxing

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Sovereign Medical Centre

Shop 20 Runaway Bay Centre, 10-12 Lae Dr, Runaway Bay QLD 4216, Australia

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Cellulite Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Dermal Fillers


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Skin Forum - Skin & Cosmetic Injectables Clinic

7/58 Brooke Ave, Chirn Park QLD 4215, Australia

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Cellulite Treatment

Non-Surgical Facelift

Skin Lightening Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

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Womens Laser & Skin Clinic

13/233 Turpin Rd, Labrador QLD 4215, Australia

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Cellulite Treatment

Skin Tightening

LED Light Therapy

Hair Transplants

Aesthetics image for Parkwood Skin Clinic / Gold Coast Skin Cancer Clinic & Skin Health Clinic

Parkwood Skin Clinic / Gold Coast Skin Cancer Clinic & Skin Health Clinic

76/122 Napper Rd, Parkwood QLD 4214, Australia

+61 7 5681 1585+61 7 5681 1585Call to book

Cellulite Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Laser Hair Removal

Skin Tightening

Aesthetics image for Skin Deep Cosmetic Clinic | Gold Coast Skin Clinic

Skin Deep Cosmetic Clinic | Gold Coast Skin Clinic

Shop 3/16-18 Falkinder Ave, Paradise Point QLD 4216, Australia

+61 401 530 109+61 401 530 109Call to book

Cellulite Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Injections


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25 Lily Massage

25 Brisbane Rd, Biggera Waters QLD 4216, Australia

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Deep Tissue Massage

Foot Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Therapy Center image for Body Applications Physio & Exercise Therapy

Body Applications Physio & Exercise Therapy

Metro Market, 33 Hollywell Rd, Biggera Waters QLD 4216, Australia

+61 7 5679 2348+61 7 5679 2348Call to book

Dry Needling


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Aesthetics image for Skin Alert Paradise Point

Skin Alert Paradise Point

20 Falkinder Ave, Paradise Point QLD 4216, Australia

+61 7 5577 5533+61 7 5577 5533Call to book

Cellulite Treatment

Skin Lightening Treatment

LED Light Therapy

Laser Hair Removal

Cellulite Treatment FAQs

Where do we start… there’s a huge range of cellulite treatments available ranging from laser treatment to lotions. They tend to promise to smooth your skin and reduce the orange-peel appearance cellulite is known for; but how they are meant to work (and whether or not they actually do) varies.

Some are, some aren’t. Ask your dermatologist if they can recommend a cellulite treatment that might work for your skin type, and see our next FAQ for a round up of the types of treatment available and how effective they are reported to be.

Vacuum-assisted precise tissue release – uses small blades to cut through the fibrous bands that cause cellulite. The results are reported to be good and can last for 3 or more years. Cellfina – a needle is used to break up the fibrous bands beneath the skin that cause the orange peel effect. It can reduce the appearance of cellulite for 2 or more years. Acoustic wave therapy – a handheld device breaks cellulite up using sound waves; multiple treatments are needed to see results. Cellulaze laser – a small laser fibre is inserted beneath the skin, and laser energy released to break up the fibrous bands that push your normal fat layers upwards, creating the orange peel effect. This results in thicker skin that can reduce the dimpled appearance of cellulite for 1 year or more. Endermologie – deeply massages and lifts your skin using a vacuum like device. Multiple sessions are needed to see results; the effect is likely to last for a month or so. Cryolipolysis – also known as coolsculpting, freezes and decreases unwanted pockets of fat. In some cases, however, it can increase the pockets of fat rather than reduce them. It’s not reported to be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Laser-assisted liposuction – removes fat but doesn’t remove cellulite. Ultrasound – a liposculpting technique that uses ultrasound to reduce the appearance of cellulite. More research is needed to ascertain how effective this is. Carboxytherapy – carbon dioxide (CO2) is inserted beneath the skin, stimulating circulation and collagen production. The jury’s not yet out on how effective this cellulite treatment is. Radiofrequency – uses heat, laser, suction and massage; it can give results, but they reportedly don’t last long. Ionithermie – uses electric currents to treat cellulite, but it’s not considered effective. Creams and lotions – some may have a positive effect on reducing the appearance of cellulite; it’s best to look at reviews before you buy any.

Yes. Depending on which treatment you choose, you may experience redness and swelling, tender lumps beneath the skin, infection, allergic skin reaction, and skin changes. Ask your dermatologist what the potential risks and side effects are for the treatment you’re thinking about having.

It depends on the treatment you go for. You may or may not see results straight away, within a few weeks, after multiple treatments. Ask your dermatologist what to expect based on your skin type and the cellulite treatment you have.

The price of your cellulite treatment will vary depending on the one you choose, but in Runaway Bay the average price of a cellulite treatment is $150. To find a good provider, ask friends for recommendations and search online for practitioners who are both qualified and experienced in the treatments they offer (and trained to use any specialist equipment involved). Make sure they have exceptional reviews, too.

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Cellulite turns up on even the healthiest of skin. And while it's perfectly normal, some prefer to tackle skin texture with effective cellulite treatment.

From non-invasive lasers to cosmetic injectables, getting rid of cellulite involves breaking up stubborn fat cells beneath the skin. Look out for LPG Endermologie treatments which painlessly kick-start the skin's production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Or Endermotherapy that gets deep into the dermal layers to firm up orange peel-like skin. You can book in Runaway Bay directly through Fresha. Find instant appointments on the website or mobile app, and book from $49 with a professional nearby.

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