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BM Body Piercing

BM Body Piercing

HDink Tattoos, UK, 8 George Place, Bathgate, EH48 1NP, Scotland

Both Nipples


From £45

3 Dermal Piercings


From £55

3 Surface Piercings

1h 5min

From £60

3 Piercings


From £45

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Waxing Salon image for Images Face & Body Clinic

Images Face & Body Clinic

39 King St, Bathgate, EH48 1AZ, United Kingdom

+44 1506 633376+44 1506 633376Call to book


Brazilian Waxing

Hollywood Waxing

Back Waxing

Tattoo & Piercing image for FHT Bathgate - Tattoo and Piercing

FHT Bathgate - Tattoo and Piercing

46 Hopetoun St, Bathgate, EH48 4EU, United Kingdom

+44 1506 654442+44 1506 654442Call to book

Body Piercing


Ear Piercing

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo & Piercing image for HDink Tattoos

HDink Tattoos

8 George Pl, Bathgate, EH48 1NP, United Kingdom

+44 1506 253982+44 1506 253982Call to book

Body Piercing

Nose Piercing


Tattoo Removal

Tattoo & Piercing image for Bushman Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio

Bushman Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio

4 W Main St, Whitburn, Bathgate EH47 0QZ, United Kingdom

+44 7834 535665+44 7834 535665Call to book

Body Piercing


Tattoo Removal

Ear Piercing

Body Piercing FAQs

A body piercing is a piercing or small hole made in the body using a sterilised needle; a piece of jewellery is normally inserted through the hole to keep it open while it heals.

Almost any part of the body can be pierced, and they neatly fall into the following six categories: ears, facial, genital, lip, oral, surface.

Your piercing technician is best placed to advise you on how to care for your new piercing, but as a rule of thumb, you should clean your new piercing at least twice a day, washing your hands first, then cleansing the front and back of the piercing with a cotton pad that’s been dipped in sterile saline solution. You should also avoid touching your piercing until it’s fully healed, and you should try not to remove the piercing jewellery as it could cause the hole to shrink.

Some piercings take longer to heal than others; most body piercings take at least 6-12 months to heal enough for the jewellery to be removed without risk of the hole closing. One great piece of advice: opt for jewellery with a straight post (not a hoop) for your new piercing because straight posts cause less movement and less irritation, which means your piercing should heal more quickly.

Yes. Infections are common if good hygiene standards haven’t been followed. Scarring, nerve damage, and the transmission of hepatitis B and C are also known risks. If you choose an oral piercing and you play with it, it can cause trauma to the teeth and gum, leading to tooth fractures, gingivitis, and gum recession. Tongue piercings can cause the tongue to swell temporarily. More severe, and even life threatening, side effects have been known. Ask your body piercest to give you a complete overview of the risks before you book your piercing appointment. You can minimise risk by booking your body piercing with an experienced professional who follows stringent hygiene rules.

Cost varies according to the piercing you are having, but expect to pay between £20 to £55 for a body piercing in Bathgate.

Book your next body piercing appointment in Bathgate with Fresha

There's still time to get that last-minute tattoo and body piercing appointment in Bathgate. With live booking availability, Fresha shows you what's on offer right now. You can browse for tattoo and piercing shops, and then filter by location, recommendation or review. With instant booking you’ll get immediate confirmation. Get that appointment in the bag with more time to focus on the rest of your to-do list. Magic.

Now for further good news. We've found more options in Bathgate than you have spaces in your diary. So you can have the pick of the bunch no matter which neighbourhood you search in — Whitburn and Blackburn, Whitburn or elsewhere entirely. With five-star businesses in your area, you won’t need to look far to find your new go-to spot. And you've got tattoo and piercing shops to browse through too. We've got specialists across the whole city, ready whenever suits you.

Body piercing is a statement that looks stylish no matter what you wear. Your facial features like the brows, lips and tongue are all brilliant places to create a body jewellery collection.

Nipple and belly button piercing is a fun option too, and a dermal piercing can turn any body part into a creative canvas. If you're eyeing up a stud on your wrist, hip, stomach, or even a permanent diamond necklace, dermal body piercing might be for you. Search for tattoo and piercing studios in Bathgate on Fresha, and book your next appointment even quicker using our mobile app. A body piercing appointment costs around £35 with the professionals on Fresha in Bathgate.

And we're not only operating in Bathgate, United Kingdom. We've expanded across 120 different countries. So when you go abroad, you can delete the guidebook app and download the Fresha app instead. Just call us your self-care city guide. And if you stumble across any great wellness businesses on your travels who could use Fresha's free booking scheduler, make sure you let us know, by emailing hello@fresha.com. We have talented professionals aplenty. 450,000 globally to be precise. And it only takes one professional, and one treatment, and suddenly you’ll be having a very good week.

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