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Splendid Spa and Beauty becomes Terra Adora Spa and Beauty

Splendid Spa and Beauty becomes Terra Adora Spa and Beauty



улица „Пирински проход“ 27-29, Партер, София ж.к. Красно село, 1618, Област София



BGN 53

Жени - Цял интим от 80лв. на


BGN 70



BGN 79

Класически масаж


BGN 65

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Acupuncture FAQs

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that uses fine needles to treat a range of physical and mental conditions. According to practitioners, energy (qi) travels through interconnecting pathways (meridians) in the body and causes health issues when they become blocked; blockages are cleared by inserting acupuncture needles at specific points in the skin, restoring energy flow and improving health.

The average cost of acupuncture treatment In София is BGN 53, but you should expect to pay anything between BGN 53 and BGN 53.

Many people find acupuncture effective in treating complaints as diverse as pain, wrinkles and mental health problems. Formal evidence on its effectiveness, however, isn’t clear.

Side effects are rare, but may include pain, bleeding or bruising where the needles have punctured the skin, dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea.

The frequency of treatments depends on the complaint(s) you are treating, so you should ask your practitioner for their specific advice. Some people have acupuncture once a month to help maintain their overall health.

Try to bring a list of all your current medications, supplements and ailments to your session to help inform the practitioner of your overall health before they treat you. It’s advisable to avoid coffee (a stimulant) and eating at least 2 hours before your appointment as doing so may reduce the effect of acupuncture on your body.

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Acupuncture is an all-encompassing natural therapy that's been practised for thousands of years. It's survived so long due to its lengthy list of benefits including pain relief, endorphin release and increased skin repair.

So if you've tried all other acne treatments, massages and muscle manipulation techniques, it could be time to turn to acupuncture. These tiny thin needles get all the credit they deserve, as they can trigger many health-boosting benefits once inserted into your sensory nerves. It'll take around 50 minutes for an acupuncture appointment in София, and you can expect to pay around BGN 53 to BGN 53 with the professionals on Fresha.

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