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Blissful Beauty

Blissful Beauty


307 reviews

Robyn Road, Cape Town Langeberg Ridge, 7550, Western Cape

Acrylic overlay only

1h 20min

ZAR 280

2 week fill Acrylic

1h 35min

ZAR 350

3 week fill acrylic

1h 30min

ZAR 400

4 week fill Acrylic

1h 30min

ZAR 450

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Yemi boutique

Yemi boutique


45 reviews

Avalon Lifestyle Centre, Narvik Street, Kaapstad Durbanville, 7569, Wes-Kaap

Acrylic soak off


ZAR 120

Manicure quick (file, buff + paint)


ZAR 120

Full face


ZAR 250



ZAR 100

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Majestic Beauty Co

Majestic Beauty Co


5 reviews

80 Drostdy Street, Cape Town Peerless Park North, 7570, Western Cape

Women only



ZAR 320


2h 30min

ZAR 300



ZAR 650



ZAR 200

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Bliss by Ché

Bliss by Ché


5 reviews

63 Ninth Avenue, Cape Town Belmont Park, 7570, Western Cape

Acrylic tips


ZAR 300

Acrylic fill

1h 15min

ZAR 200

Rubberbase overlay


ZAR 170

Gel overlay


ZAR 150

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Lifestyle and Beauty by Jamie

Lifestyle and Beauty by Jamie


6 reviews

Drostdy Street, Cape Town Peerless Park North, 7570, Western Cape

Acrylic Soak Off

1h 10min

ZAR 120

Acrylic Nails

2h 15min

ZAR 380

Gel Overlay

1h 45min

ZAR 280

Gel soak off


ZAR 80

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Acrylic Nails FAQs

You can still go about your daily life as normal when you’re wearing acrylic nails - just be sure to wear gloves when you do the housework. You should also avoid biting your nails (which may cause them to crack and break) and steer clear of high heat and harsh chemicals (like turpentine), which will damage your nails.

They don’t. Human nails grow at around 3mm (1/8”) every month whether you wear artificial nails or not. Acrylic nails don’t make your natural nails grow faster, but because of their length, they can give the impression that your own nails have grown more quickly.

Acrylic nails can damage your natural nails, so it’s always best to minimise any damage by seeking out an experienced nail technician to apply, fill, and remove them for you.

Quite a lot - we’ve listed the main points below:

Nail strength - if you’ve got weak or brittle nails, wait to get them in optimal health before you get acrylics. You can boost your nail health by moisturising them daily with a natural nail strengthening oil, like jojoba.

Shape - decide on your shape and length pre-application. If it’s your first time, don’t plump for super-long nails; begin short so you can get used to the weight and feel.

Prep - perfect nail prep helps prevent discomfort, lifting, and breakage. Your nails must be filed (but not overly) and sanitised before application.

Infections - prevent infections by ensuring that the acrylic manicure instruments used are properly sterilised first and that your nails are applied and removed by an experienced acrylic nail technician.

Fills - you’ll need fills to touch-up regrowth every 2-3 weeks. It’s advisable to only have one set of fills before removing the whole set of acrylic nails.

Popping-off - acrylic nails can pop off if they hit hard surfaces and if you tap your hands repeatedly (e.g. if you do a lot of typing). They can also pop off if your nail wasn’t properly prepped.

Time - application and removal of acrylics take around an hour each. Make sure you book a professional to minimise damage.

Costs - prices vary, but as a rule of thumb, the more colours and greater intricacy of design you go for, the higher the cost.

Acrylic nails, like gels, are artificial - which ones you consider better is really down to personal preference.

Gels give a more natural, glossier finish than acrylics, but acrylics tend to be stronger. Gel nails cure under a UV lamp; acrylics start curing as soon as they’re exposed to air. They can both be used to lengthen nails. Gels last for 2 weeks and should then be removed; Acrylic nails last 6-8 weeks, but will need fills after 2-3 weeks to hide regrowth. Both can damage your natural nails, so it’s always best to seek out an experienced nail technician who can do the application, filling and removal for you.

We always recommend asking a professional nail technician to remove your acrylic nails for you, but if you are planning on removing them yourself, follow these steps to minimise damage to your natural nails

  1. File off as much of the acrylic nail as you can using a coarse 100-grit nail file. Take care not to go down to your natural nail, though.

  2. Soak 10 cotton wool balls in 100% acetone, then apply 5 of them to your nails, securing them in position by wrapping a strip of foil around each fingertip. Leave them on for 20 minutes, then remove, and repeat on your other hand.

TIP: Avoid soaking your fingertips in a bowl of acetone - it’s a strong chemical and will dry your skin.

  1. Take a wooden cuticle stick and gently push the acrylic and glue off your nail. Buff any remnants away with a soft foam nail buffer and moisturise your nails with a natural oil, like jojoba.

Yes, and you can use acrylic nails to add extra length, too!

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Fall in love with your hands all over again with a full set of acrylic nails from the salons on Fresha in Kraaifontein. Acrylic nails are the celebrity secret to elegant hands with long-looking fingers and perfectly polished nails and tips.

Acrylic nail overlays help you go longer and stronger, no matter what your own nails look like. They cost between ZAR 120 and ZAR 400 and last 2 to 3 weeks before you'll typically need an acrylic nail refill. You can book acrylic nail extensions, a full set of acrylics for hands and feet, and acrylic nail removal on Fresha in just a few taps or clicks.

So if you're overdue on your next nails appointment, why waste another minute? It’s high time you scheduled your fix. 600 million customers already have. And right now, 80,000 global business partners are waiting to take your booking, by using Fresha's free scheduling app. If you've found a hidden gem you think should be here too, let us know at hello@fresha.com, whether it’s a favourite local spot in Kraaifontein, South Africa, or a must-visit shop in a far-flung land. We'll keep you feeling fine, wherever you are in the world.

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