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What are ‘My favourites’?

Browse Fresha and save venues you like to your favourites for quick and easy access when booking. To save a venue to your favourites, simply click on the heart icon when browsing a venue’s profile. Once selected, your saved venues will be added to your favourites. Click on the venue profile to view their service list and book an appointment. Click the heart icon to remove a venue from your favourites.

How do I book an appointment online?

Once you’ve created an account, you can start browsing and booking appointments for your favourite services with beauty and wellness professionals in your area.

To book an appointment online:

  1. Use the search bar to find a business type, service or venue you’d like to book with.
  2. Enter the preferred location for your nearest service providers.
  3. Use the Nearest and Men and women dropdown menus to sort results by location, price, rating, and who they cater to.
  4. Click for the map view of service providers in the area.
  5. Click on the venue to view their profile and see what vouchers and/or memberships they have available.
  6. To view their service list and book an appointment, click on Book now and choose which services you’d like to receive and when.
  7. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a booking confirmation to your registered email address. If you haven’t booked with that service provider before, you may be asked to confirm your appointment with a card in your appointment confirmation email.
  8. You’ll be notified of any forms that need to be completed before your appointment takes place. You can also view these under your appointment details or My forms.

How do I manage my appointments?

It’s really easy to manage and make changes to your appointments from your Fresha account.

Cancel an appointment

  1. Click on My appointments to view any past or upcoming appointments you have.
  2. Select the appointment you’re looking to cancel.
  3. Click Cancel and Cancel to confirm. Depending on the venue’s cancellation policy, you may be charged a fee.

Reschedule an appointment

  1. Click on My appointments to view any past or upcoming appointments you have.
  2. Select the appointment you’re looking to reschedule.
  3. Click Reschedule and select the time and date you’d like to reschedule to, and Confirm. Depending on the venue’s late cancellation policy, you may be charged a fee.

Once confirmed, the appointment will be automatically updated under My appointments and you’ll receive a notification confirming the changes to your booking.

How do I leave a tip?

There are a number of different ways you can leave a tip for your service provider:

  • When adding your card details whilst booking an appointment.
  • At checkout when paying by text message or through a Fresha card terminal.
  • After checkout when clicking on the Add a tip amount in your thank-you messages, when leaving a review or when clicking on an appointment under Past appointments.

How do I leave a review?

We love hearing about your experiences - and other clients do too! You can share your thoughts and leave a rating for the staff and services you’ve received by heading to My appointments and selecting the Past appointment you’d like to review.

Alternatively, click the Review link in the thank-you message you receive after your appointment.

If an appointment has been cancelled by you or the service provider, you won’t be able to leave a review. You can only leave a review once an appointment has been completed.

Didn't find the answer? Contact your service provider for more information about your appointment. For anything else, contact our support team.

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