Written Channeled Distance Healing

Remote shamanic healing service plus a channeled healing guide.

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You will receive a written channeled distance healing report, which will contain the details of your entire healing as channeled from your Spirit Guides. Each word in the report has been specifically channeled for you, so as you read the report and perform the actions that are required of you in it (these are very simple like making certain invocations, etc.. it isn't elaborate), you will receive the medicine from your Spirit Guides. The Guide is written in a manner where I take you through exactly what your Spirit Guides are showing and telling me - I narrate your healing. Feel free to come back to read the report as many times as you like. The healing and medicine is encoded in it so that it operates at different levels depending on where you are at that point in time. Once this is booked, I will contact you to give you a timeframe in which I will perform the remote shamanic healing. There is no need to book in a specific time or date.

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