Fresh Rose Face Lotion

Soothing & Refreshing Mist

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100 ml


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This rose lotion is ideal as a first "beauty gesture" in the morning or as a final touch to makeup removal. Hydrating and dampening the skin right before applying your day & night cream will increase its absorption. Skin Type: All. Including sensitive. MADE IN SWITZERLAND BENEFITS Fights dryness Brightens dull complexion Revitalizes tired skin Soothes, softens & moisturizes Antioxidant HOW TO USE IT Spray over the entire face and neck before applying your day cream or apply after makeup removal with a cotton pad to remove residue left behind. 🐰The Karin Herzog line is paraben free, vegan friendly, dairy free, gluten free and cruelty free. All of our oxygen creams are all preservative free and hypoallergenic🐰

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