Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Serum

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Powerful hyaluronic acid & vitamin C serum for an instant lifting & plumping effect to fight signs of aging. Provides an effective alternative to injectable fillers. Skin Type: All. Including sensitive. MADE IN SWITZERLAND BENEFITS ▪ Helps to increase the water content in the skin ▪ Instant tightening effect on sagging skin ▪ Boosts collagen production ▪ Plumps lines and wrinkles ▪ Evens skin tone and boosts radiance ▪ Improves skin elasticity and firmness ▪ Antioxidant HOW TO USE IT Shake the bottle well before use. Apply a few drops to cleansed skin focusing the application on lines and wrinkles. Leave to dry and absorb. Use before an oxygen mask/cream to push the hyaluronic acid deeper into the skin. Use daily, morning and night. 🐰The Karin Herzog line is paraben free, vegan friendly, dairy free, gluten free and cruelty free. All of our oxygen creams are all preservative free and hypoallergenic🐰

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