V 🌿 Symmetry Anti-Ageing Face Serum

A soothing and replenishing face serum whose essential oils nourish tired and dry-looking skin.



The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company


30 ml


In Stock

Our hectic lifestyles can take a toll on our skin, leaving it feeling dry, damaged, and tired. Over time, and without proper care and protection, your skin becomes vulnerable to long-term damage. Introducing symmetry anti-aging face serum. With sweet almond oil, blackcurrant seed oil, virgin organic hemp oil, walnut oil, rose geranium, rose, bay laurel, and a high jasmine content; this unique serum deeply moisturizes your skin and has been specifically created to be kind to even the most sensitive of skin types. You only need to use a couple of drops of this sensual serum twice a day, and you’ll quickly feel the benefits straight away. Contains no artificial coloring, preservatives, or fragrance oils 100% natural Handmade in the garden of Scotland. Definitely not tested on animals. Made in United Kingdom

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