The Wave Lounge Beauty Spa Store

AED 290

Christina-Chateau-Deep Beaute Night Cream 50ml (R)

AED 270

Christina-Chateau-Rejuvenating Vineyard Eye Cream 30ml (R)

AED 310

Christina-Chateau-Shielding Cream SPF30 50ml (R)

AED 145

Christina-Chateau-Vino Glory Mask 75ml (R)

AED 250

Christina-Chateau-Vino Sheen Fusion 30ml (R)

AED 270

Christina-Chateau-Vino Sheen Restoring Cream 50ml (R)

AED 110

Christina-Comodex Clean and Clear Cleanser (R) 250ml

AED 225

Christina-Comodex Cover & Shield Cream SPF-20 30ml (R)

AED 155

Christina-Comodex Extract and Refine Peel-Off Mask 75ml (R)

AED 155

Christina-Comodex-Hydrate and Restore Serum 30ml (R)

AED 135

Christina-Comodex Purify and Balance Toner 300ml (R)

AED 155

Christina-Comodex Renew and Repair Night Treatment 50ml (R)

AED 335

Christina-Illustrious Absolute Bright 30ml (R)

AED 135

Christina-Illustrious Cleanser 300ml (R)

AED 225

Christina-Illustrious Day Cream SPF50 50ml (R)

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