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AED 150

Alessandro Handspa Age Complex Cream Royal 50ml (R)

AED 80

Alessandro Handspa Age Complex Micro Peel 100ml (R)

AED 105

Alessandro Handspa Age Complex Spray Serum 50ml (R)

AED 85

Alessandro Handspa Age Complex Vital Serum 30ml (R)

AED 105

Alessandro Handspa Hydrating Comfort Day 50ml (R)

AED 105

Alessandro Handspa Hydrating Magic Manicure Complete 100ml (R)

AED 100

Alessandro HSP Unique Gentle Touch 100ml (Hyaluronic Acid) (R)

AED 90

Alessandro Pedix Go Lightly 135ml (R)

AED 90

Alessandro Pedix Med Foot Gel 100ml (R)

AED 102

Alessandro Pedix One Minute Pedicure 100ml (R)

AED 65

Alessandro Pedix Smooth Out Callus File 1pc (R)

AED 135

Alessandro Spa 10min Hydra Hand Mask 50ml (R)

AED 85

Alessandro Spa Gentle Touch-Hand Mousse 75ml (R)

AED 85

Alessandro Spa Ridgefiller Anti-Stries 10ml

AED 240

Alessandro Spa Silky Gloves 50ML

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