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The O2 Studio is a fitness studio where you work out for 15 minutes while breathing 93% pure oxygen. This detoxes and rebuilds the body.


Balance BMEN 15 tea bags

Women's tea with 5 different herbs that aid in regulating hormones that help with better periods.


Energy Tea 15 Bags

This Energy tea mixture has 5 different herbs that promote energy and clarity without Caffeine.


Everything Skin Oil 2oz

The Everything Skin Oil is a topical oil that you can put on pimples, dark spots, cuts, and scrapes.


Harmony AMEN 15 Tea Bags

A mature women's tea with 6 different herbs to help balance and transition the body.


Immunity 15 Tea Bags

This Immunity tea has 5 different herbs to help promote a strong immune system and help.


Men's Balance 15 Tea Bags

Specifically formulated with 7 different herbs to address men's health.


Polenectar Care/Propolis Extract

Propolis Extract from Bees/Anti-Viral and Anti-Cancer


Premium Mask - Medium

Medium-Sized, Premium Mask


Premium Mask - Small

Small-Sized, Premium Mask


Premium Mask - X-Small

Extra-Small-Sized, Premium Mask


Whole Body 15 Tea Bags

The Whole Body Tea combination of 5 herbs helps the whole body work synergistically.

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