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Go Clean PRO

Go Clean Pro-60 Tablets, Natural and Vegan

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Natural, vegan tablets that support the body’s cleansing process from toxins. The dietary supplement effectively improves metabolism and the work of the digestive system and prepares the body for a slimming treatment. • high-quality standardized extract of flaxseeds – as much as 800 mg of flaxseeds in 6 tablets, it contains a high concentration of anti-cancer lignans, • herb extracts: horsetail, viola tricolor, nettle, and bean pericarp – have a slightly diuretic effect, optimize the water content and metabolic processes in the body, • dandelion root and sage leaf extracts support digestion, have a protective and antibacterial effect, • green tea extract, characterized by high oxidative activity, supports the maintenance of the correct body cleaning process, • microcrystalline cellulose – natural source of insoluble fiber, which is not metabolized, so it does not provide energy in the form of kilocalories, suppresses the feeling of hunger, and affects the regulation of body weight.

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