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Go Cellulite Buster PRO 150 ml

As a result of using the cream, the skin is firm and smooth, and the unevenness caused by cellulite

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150 ml


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It has a multidirectional effect thanks to the combination of carefully selected active ingredients, such as: • body modeling complex: guarana fruit extract, L-carnitine, caffeine (constricts blood vessels, thus reducing swelling) and cysteine acid, • a combination of plant extracts from astragalus, butcher’s broom, lemon peel, and goldenrod stimulate microcirculation, supporting skin nourishment, • chili pepper extract, whose active ingredient is capsaicin, effectively increases microcirculation and has a warming effect, • the right combination of moisturizing substances: panthenol, olive oil, and allantoin, has a regenerating and hydrating effect.

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