Pietro Simone The Fierce Oil (60ml)

The Fierce Oil heals, moisturises, rebalances, protects skin barrier & improves microcirculation.



Pietro Simone Skincare


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A blend of 4 oils, an antioxidant complex and skin rejuvenator, Pietro Simone The Fierce Oil works because of its unique blend. Four different oils are at work to help rebalance, protect your skin barrier and fend off environmental pollution. Calcium, potassium, magnesium and essential vitamins from the antioxidant formula enrich the skin. And lastly, the Italian Bella Complex is added to improve cell regeneration. Use it as part of a gua sha ritual or apply as an intensive night repair treatment to rebalance the skin's moisture levels. Lastly, it's excellent as part of a morning or night routine, right before moisturiser- to lock in essential nutrients. You'll only need 2-4 pumps to cover even a pretty large area and it's even safe for use around the delicate eye skin.

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