Pietro Simone Imperfection Diminisher ++ (60ml)

A supercharged version of the original, Pietro Simone’s Imperfection Diminisher.



Pietro Simone Skincare


60 ml


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An intensified, fierce combination of Azelaic and blemish busting Salicylic Acids perform an intense exfoliation, delivering pore reduction, accelerated skin renewal and a glow-revealing epidermis. Beta Glucan and Copper Gluconate soothes and calms the skin along with providing an intense deep hydration, promotes collagen synthesis, wound healing and skin regeneration. After evening cleanse apply 1-2 full pipettes onto face and neck. Apply also on décolleté if needed. First Time Users: Apply and leave the Imperfection Diminisher between 2-4 minutes. Rinse with water. Expert Users: Apply and leave the Imperfection Diminisher between 5-8 minutes. Rinse with water. Use once or twice a week according to your primary skin concern. Avoid eye area and lip vermillion. Due to the nature of the acids and the exfoliation process, redness and tingling will possibly occur and is to be expected. This is the skin’s natural reaction, redness can remain for 2 hours. Use an SPF during the day.

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