Pietro Simone Future Texture (120ml)

A strategic toner that restores skin microbiome, stimulates skin renewal & sustains skin metabolism.



Pietro Simone Skincare


120 ml


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The Pietro Simone Future Texture toner is a brightening, revitalising formula with 4 benefits in one. It contains rebalancing, refining, anti-bacterial and regenerative ingredients to reveal more even-toned, balanced, even-textured, brighter looking skin. . The plant & fruit-based exfoliants lift dead skin cells, reduce redness, inflammation, acne and more while the anti-microbial herbs keep breakouts at bay. Lastly, all PS skincare formulas include the famed Italian Bella Complex of premium skin regeneration ingredients to promote youthful-looking skin. Suitable for all skin tones, types, including sensitive skin. Apply 2-3 pumps to your face, neck and chest in an upwards motion after finishing your cleanse. Follow with the Dewy Reboot Serum as part of your Pietro Simone 'Fierce' skincare routine.

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