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Anti-humidity protective styling spray. a pre-styling spray capable of eliminating frizz

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200 ml


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The special polymers within its formula are heat-activated, creating a film-like effect over the hair that protects hair from humidity, protects hair color and maintains the hairstyle for longer. Its formula, enriched with fruit extracts, gives a shiny, glossy finish with a mirror-like effect. It reduces drying time, protects from heated styling tools, doesn’t leave residue and doesn’t weigh the hair down. What it does: -eliminates frizz for a long-lasting result -protects from humidity with a waterproof effect -maintains hairstyles for longer -protects from heat -gives a shiny and radiant finish -protects from colour-fading -doesn’t weigh hair down -makes hair silky, soft and conditioned who is it for? Literally anyone that has hair and uses heat to style it can benefit from this product. This includes those who blow-dry and straighten hair using hot tools.

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