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Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set - 2 x 1.76 oz Neck or throat skin is thinner than facial skin and has few sebaceous glads. In addition, neck movement causes collagen to wear down more than most facial areas. People take care of face very carefully to avoid aging but neck care is mostly neglected. All these factors result in visible neck aging such as sagging, wrinkles, turkey neck, double chin appearing even in the early 40s. There is a good reason to say neck aging is telltale of your age. For the tough neck aging process, Rejuvi has developed a unique, synergistic and powerful approach to maintain and rejuvenate your neck for youthful appearance. Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set consists of Neck Revitalizing Cream (# 1) and Neck Intensive Nourishing Cream (#2).

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