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All you essentials beauty needs in one spot.

CA $130

Amika Blow Dryer Round Brush

CA $34

Amika Supernova Treatment

CA $29

Design Me Fab Me Leave-In

CA $27

Design Me Hold Me 3in1 Hairspray

CA $23

Design Me Lift Me Up Mousse

CA $27

Design Me Puff Me Dry Texture Spray

CA $24

Design Me Puff Me Powder

CA $24

Design Me Puff Me Powder LIGHT

CA $42

Evo baby got bounce

CA $36

Evo Box O'Bollox

CA $35.50

Evo Bride of Gluttony Volumising Conditioner

CA $34.50

Evo Gluttony Volumising Shampoo

CA $42

Evo Lockdown

CA $34.50

Evo Mane Attention

CA $36

Evo Mane Tamer Shampoo

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