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Need a Makeover Hair Extensions and Hair Loss Salon Store

Specialist Handmade natural products to help with hair growth, conditioning, protection and much more


14K Hydrating Lip Gloss

For Plump and Hydrated Lips


24k Gold Luxury Facial Mask - 100ml

Luxury Face Mask


2-in-1 Eyelash Liner & Glue Liner - Clear

The Simple Way to Apply Lashes


8 in 1 nail conditioner

Want a good nail strengthner?


Advanced Eye Wrinkle Serum

Targets the undereye to brighten & reduce wrinkles


Anti-Dandruff Classic Clean Shampoo

Derma & Pure Action



Argan Oil Hair Extensions Hydrating Mask

Hydrating Hair Mask for your Hair Extensions


Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Hair Serum for Hair Extensions


Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave in Spray

Heat Defence for Hair Extensions


Australian Pink Clay & Rose Pore Perfection Face Mask

Clay Face Mask for Pores


Biotin, Zinc & Copper Supplements

Power Supplenents


Boost It Up Protein Spray

Nourishing and strenghening hydrolysed wheat protein



Chey Dry Shampoo

No time for bad hair days


Citrus Stem Cells Serum with Vitamin C

Energy packed to make your skin glow!


Daytime Ageless Moisturizer

Keeps skin looking ageless!

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