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Argan Oil Hair Extensions Hydrating Mask

Hydrating Hair Mask for your Hair Extensions



XHC Hair Care


220 ml


In Stock

Restore your hair extensions back to its fullest glory with this fantastic range from XHC hair care. For everyday use, conditioner mask has been specially formulated to thoroughly condition and hydrating without build-up, leaving your hair soft and shiny. With brilliant results that improves hair instantly, this hair treatment is an extremely popular choice in many home and salons. Argan oil shampoos and conditioners has been formulated using a unique blend of ingredients specially developed to help condition and revive hair for soft, shiny results. Suitable for all hair types, these shampoos and conditioner will help protect and moisturise the hair. Argan oil hair mask is enriched with proteins and keratin and infused with argan oil which is derived from the Moroccan argan tree.

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