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Laughlin Haus Esthetics Store

Laughlin Esthetics carry's Viktoria Deann Peptide products. They focus on getting to your cells through a chain of amino acids.


5% Lactic+Collagen


Balancing Cleanser


Body kit

Body balm, nectar and body dry brush


Day Moisturizer

Day Moisturizer


Lip Hydrators

Lip Hydrators


Maintenance kit

orange you jelly cleanser, watermelon mist, pomegranite serum and blueberry moisturizer


Medium lift kit

Lift, Tone and smooth


Medium Rejuvenator

Peptide-Supports cell turnover


Mild Peptide Lift Kit

Includes, Rejuvenator, eye serum, pepti-tone,pepti-lift


Mild Rejuvenator

Peptide-cell turnover supporter


Nano Mask

Nano Mask


Night Moisturizer

age-defying nighttime moisturizer


orange you jelly cleanser

Orange You Jelly Cleanser






helps to fade dark spots and pigmented areas

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