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Kevin Lunn Salon & Spa Store

Kevin Lunn Salon & Spa is your go-to in St. Catharines for all things beauty. We’re committed to making you look and feel your absolute best. We offer premium brands and treatments for the ultimate experience.  Indulge yourself today!

CA $35.50

7 Seconds Blowout Creme 7oz

Control, Seal, Shine

CA $39

7 Seconds Conditioner 8oz

Moisture, Shine, Protect.

CA $38.50

7 Seconds Glossing Spray 170g (Dry, Thermal, Shine)

Dry, Thermal, Shine

CA $39

7 Seconds Leave in Detangler 8oz

Leave in conditioner & hair detangler

CA $36.50

7 Seconds - Shampoo 10oz

Moisture, Shine, Protect.

CA $39.50

Blonda Daily Conditioner 8oz

Purple conditioner for no-tone days.

CA $47.50

Blonda Fix Treatment 4oz

Repair, Tone, Seal.

CA $54

Blonda Oil (4.23oz)

Argan for Blondes

CA $38.50

Blonda Toning - Shampoo 8oz

Tone & Brighten with purple shampoo.

CA $35.50

Blow & Set Lotion 8oz

Shape, Set, Sculpt.

CA $39

Boing Curl Conditioner 8oz

Moisture, Balance.

CA $36.50

Boing Curl (Leave in) 8oz

Prep, Protect, Refresh.

CA $36.50

Boing Curl Shampoo 8oz

Moisture, Balance.

CA $35.50

Boing Defining Curl Cream 8oz

Active, Hold.

CA $34.50

Boing Moisture Curl Cream 8oz

Quench, Control.

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