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Divinity Balance

K Therapy Castor Oil Healing Essence



K Therapy


150 ml


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Shown to improve circulation, boost elimination, and detoxification. Castor oil packs also support the lymphatic system and reduce swelling and inflammation. Outstanding at relieving pain! I have combined this product with the magical oils of evening primrose, ylang-ylang, rose geranium, and much more. Connecting you with your balanced feminine energy and helping you remember your power. How to use: Soak a flannel or some gauze in the balance oil and place over your lower tummy. Cover with some sheeting like cling film and keep the area warm and heated. I like to safely use a hot water bottle at an appropriate temperature! Leave on for 1 hour (build up to the hour starting at 15 minutes and moving up in 15-minute increments) while you relax and take some much-needed self-care time. Remove and wipe away when the hour is up. Use once a week. Do not use while menstruating, breastfeeding or pregnant. Always consult your healthcare professional when starting a new regime.

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