Beauty Sleep Night Cream

ITB's outstanding night cream is perfect for mature skin and exceptionally dry skin types.



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Cell turnover can be up-regulated by increasing upper epidermal calcium and ITB Beauty Sleep Night Cream produces this result. It stimulates cell renewal within 36 hours after application and forces the new cells to come to the surface. Your skin will be significantly hydrated which will help reduce facial lines and wrinkles. Beauty Sleep Night Cream is essential following microdermabrasion, peels, and laser treatments, as it helps to re-establish the lipid barrier functions and promotes repair, healing, and cell turnover. Topical calcium provides anti-aging benefits and enhances skin cancer protection. For mature skin of all types Stimulates cell turnover and significantly hydrates the skin Topical calcium provides anti-aging benefits Essential following microdermabrasion, peels, and laser treatments for repair and healing How to Use: For home use, apply each evening to the face and neck. Key Ingredients Calcium Carbonate, Betaglucan, Safflower Oil, Vitamin B, Zinc Sulfate

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