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Creative Hypnotherapy the art of Language Patterns & Scripts Workshop

Creative Hypnotherapy - Crafting Language Patterns & Scripts - Live Zoom





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In this workshop, we will look at the art of introducing creative hypnotherapy into a normal SF hypnotherapy session. We will look at the work of the master himself in indirect and conversational suggestion and hypnosis Erikson and the techniques he used and explore his inspiration within the work of NLP Learning Outcomes from this CPD Definition of Hypnosis The Mind and Hypnosis Direct and Indirect language used in Hypnosis Erikson and Conversational Hypnosis NLP – Submodalities & Predicates Eriksonian Language Patterns used in NLP NLP Milton Language Pattern and Script Formulae The Building Blocks for Hypnosis Scripts and Language Patterns Constructing a Hypnotherapy Script Writing Techniques Understanding the Role of Metaphors in Hypnosis Dates:- July 24th - October 23rd

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