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A $44.95

Blonde plus shampoo 1 litre

Neutralises strong yellow, gold or brassy reflects

A $29.95


A $50

Mr Smith Blond Shampoo

Mr. Smith's Blond Shampoo was formulated to brighten and enhance colours by removing yellow tones

A $50

Mr Smith Charcoal

Mr Smith Charcoal extends hair colour by enhancing and reposting a cool charcoal pigment

A $40

Mr Smith Creme

Mr Smith Crème strengthens and moisturises the hair while adding shine and reducing frizz

A $40

Mr Smith Curl Creme

Curl Creme designed to control frizz and define curl

A $35

Mr Smith Exfoliating Body Wash

Cleanses while invigorating the skin

A $50

Mr Smith Leave In

Mr. Smith’s Leave In is a versatile treatment, perfect for all hair types.

A $60

Mr Smith Luxury Shampoo

Mr. Smith's Luxury Shampoo delivers a rich treatment wash.

A $50

Mr Smith Masque

Rich and restorative

A $37

Mr Smith Mousse

Mr Smith Moose building fullness and volume while being lightweight with medium hold

A $50

Mr Smith Peach Blonde

Mr Smith Peach Blond enhances and deposits a soft peach copper pigment

A $40

Mr Smith Sea Salt Spray

Creating beach hair instantly.

A $40

Mr Smith Shaper

Shaper is designed to create texture and define shape

A $38

Mr Smith Stimulating Conditioner

Rich and invigorating

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