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Ambre Blends

Ambre Blends- Natural Fragrance Essence Oils



12 ml


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AMBRE BLENDS Essence Oils are not perfumes. These essence oils react with your body differently than most fragrances. They are affected by your individual body chemistry, therefore, the smell may differ from one person to the next. Other variables affecting the distinct scent of Ambre Blends include: Heat (body heat helps radiate your essence oil scent); how you Wear them (apply generously and vigorously to forearms, chest, back of neck, even into your hair); and the Age of the oil (like a fine wine, these oils get better with age). Ambre Blends Oils are natural and contain no chemicals or synthetic compounds. Choose your scent and discover your uniqueness! Ambre Essence Invoke Essence Solace Essence Unmasque Essence Ahnu Essence

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