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Cole Aesthetics Clinic - Birmingham City Centre Store


Aqua Booster Cream

Lightening and moisturising cream with Glutathione, Hyaluronic Acid & Sodium DNA.


Glow Balm


Glutathione Night Serum

Glutanex Night Serum ensures that your skin is fed the best nutrients while you sleep.


Glutathione Soap

An all-in-one cleansing solution for the face, hands and body.


Medical Grade Glutathione Tablets

Glutanex Medical Grade Glutathione Tablets (100)


Menalin Blocking Sun Stick SPF50+

Melanin Blocking Sunstick with Glutathione SPF 50+


Snow White Cream

Glutanex Snow White Cream, 3 powerful antioxidants, Glutathione, Thioctic acid & Vitamin C.


Toner Pads

Glutanex’s AHA BHA LHA Exfoliating and Pore Cleansing Toner Pads