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Purchase our skincare, CBD products and herbalife products here! SkinMed products can only be purchased after a consultation.


Fillast Lip


Gluage 1x20ml


Synchrorose® Fast


Synchrorose Intensive Cream 1x30ml


Tebiskin® EGF Body


Tebiskin® EGF Face Cream

Face Cream


Tebiskin® Gly-C 4x5ml


Tebiskin® Gly Clean


Tebiskin® Gly-C Strong


Tebiskin® Hyal


Tebiskin® IDRA


Tebiskin® OSK Chest & Back


Tebiskin® OSK Clean


Tebiskin® OSK Lotion


Tebiskin® Reticap Eye & Lip

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