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A place to browse Allora spa’s current product selection, place orders for pick up at the spa or local delivery on the lower Sunshine Coast in BC.

CA $42

23 carat eye

CA $17.91

2 pack sweetheart

CA $44

Adzuki blueberry exfoliant

CA $52

Alp Rose night moisturizer

CA $49

Avocado whip moisturizer

CA $48

Babchi retinol serum

CA $46

Banana leaf exfoliant

CA $27

Banana split lotion

Scent: Banana candy 🍌

CA $52

Berodin blemish control gel

CA $38

Beta carotene cleanser

CA $36

Blooming lavender toner

CA $100

Boost lash serum

CA $202


MD Advanced

CA $46

Cherry blossom peel

CA $59.90

Clarity skincare supplement

Clarity skincare gummies

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