Shedul has a new name, we're now Fresha!

Same company, same powerful free booking software for salons and spas – just a shiny new name

So what's changing?

Just the name! Shedul and Fresha were always the same tightly connected platform, built by one team from the outset. We're big fans of elegant simplicity yet using two brand names became puzzling – so we decided to totally adopt Fresha as our single name moving forward.

All the great features you know and love as Shedul remain free as before. We're utterly committed to empowering beauty and wellness entrepreneurs around the world, by offering the no. 1 business software, totally subscription-free.

Here’s what you need to know

Do I need to update my Shedul login details?

There’s nothing you need to do, your existing Shedul login email and password continue to work as before. You and your team don't need to change login details to continue accessing your account, you don't even need to sign in again!

Has the website address changed?

Yes, you can now access your account at – thanks to some technical wizardry all existing links to automatically redirect to our updated links, too easy! If you have bookmarks saved with the old address, we recommend updating them for faster loading times but they’ll continue to work as usual.

Do I need to install a new mobile app?

Nope, if you already have the Shedul app on your phone or tablet you'll notice the name automatically updated to Fresha Partner. If you don't have the app installed yet, why not? Did we mention it's totally FREE, download it now!

Does the business software remain free?

Absolutely. We're huge believers in the power of free-to-use business software, monthly subscriptions are simply unfair! Whether you're a multi-location chain, small business or an independent professional - we're totally committed to supporting you with the world’s best software, subscription-free!

Was there a change in ownership, did Fresha buy Shedul?

Nope, there was absolutely no corporate merger, take-over investment, new partnership or secret illuminati conspiracy ;-) We're simply the same humble startup crew as before, just with a simplified name.

Have your terms and conditions changed?

All our existing T&C's remain exactly the same as before. These we already under our legal company name which has not changed at all with adopting Fresha as our brand name. You don't need to agree to any new terms and conditions.

So what does Fresha mean anyway?

Glad you asked – you know that feeling right after getting a slick new hairstyle, or spending a relaxing day at the spa, or wrapping up an epic workout – you look and feel Fresha.

Got any questions?

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