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  • GK

    Gilda k.

    dez 6, 2022

    Here from California again. The best salon in town by far!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  • MC

    Martini C.

    dez 2, 2022

    I love it as always and Sandra is the best! I would love to do it again!

  • GK

    Gilda k.

    dez 2, 2022


  • IF

    Isabel F.

    dez 2, 2022

    Boa execução!

  • Lana S.

    nov 30, 2022

    Joana is amazing! Loved what she did to my hair and will definitely recommend !

  • EJ

    Emily J.

    nov 30, 2022

    Great wax with Joana

  • Haaike N.

    nov 29, 2022

    Kay did a great job and was very welcoming. I felt conformable and very happy with the result! Thanks!

  • Margarida T.

    nov 25, 2022

    Adoro sempre o trabalho da Sandra. Alisamentoo e corte ficaram como eu queria.

  • Atea Z.

    nov 21, 2022

    She did a great job for Brazilian wax in so little time and so little pain.

  • GK

    Gilda k.

    nov 18, 2022

    Amazing!!! Fabulous!!!

  • AL

    Ana Flávia L.

    nov 18, 2022

    Atendimento e serviço maravilhosos!

  • Maria isabel B.

    nov 17, 2022

    O serviço hoje feito por Cátia foi ótimo de novo. Obrigada!

  • Chaima L.

    nov 16, 2022

    I just had a greaat experience at the dona filipa hair studio. I was warmly welcomed and taken care of. Sandra(i hope i got the name right ) was so lovely and the head massage while getting my hair washed was literally too notch i didn’t want it to end. She perfectly understood what i wanted from the bangs haircut + hair styling. I decided to do this here in lisbon instead of paris and i don’t regret my choice. Definitely coming back!

  • LE

    Lisa E.

    nov 15, 2022

    I had a nail break while visiting Lisbon. The wonderful people at Dez helped me out and recreated the intricate design I had. It was a great experience given the circumstances and now I can recommend a place to all the people who compliment my nails here!

  • Ernesta Z.

    nov 14, 2022

    My nails are not smooth after application of nail gel, they are a bit wavy, and my thumbs were so bad they needed fixing (other nail technician redone them well). Still some sharp nail edges I had to file once I got home - with an internal question, why did I pay the money if I am doing it myself? Shouldn't the technician check this? During the skin removal (I was not asked if I wanted it...) one of my fingers were cut, and it is hurting. Honestly, I can get similar service 10 € cheaper. But I want to relax and receive excellent nail service without skin cuts and wavy nail surface EVERY time!

  • Cornelia L.

    nov 12, 2022

    Realized when I got home that the right and left sides were uneaven lenghts. Didn't ask for layers but got some still that feel way too short. The styling was very basic for the price. Other that that the hairdresser was super friendly and the place very cozy and comfortable.


    Sandra Luz

    Dear Cornelia, if something is not correct, we are more than happy to solve it. Is very important for us, the quality off all the work we provide All we need from you is that you tell us when you can visit us again to see what was not according your desire. Kind regards ☺️

    14º novembro 2022 11:20

  • Valeria Z.

    nov 12, 2022

    excellent service. advice Rita is very good .. thanks

  • Maria isabel B.

    nov 10, 2022

    Adorei o serviço prestado por Sandra, muito eficiente e bem como esperava! Obrigada!

  • AL

    Aurora L.

    nov 9, 2022

    Had a wonderful experience and so happy with the result!

  • Fátima M.

    nov 8, 2022

    A Sandra Cidade é sempre maravilhosa!

  • CF

    Caitlin F.

    nov 4, 2022

    Lovely experience!

  • CC

    Cynthia C.

    nov 4, 2022

    I had a manicure with Claudia, and she was very gentle. My nails look great, and I will be seeing Claudia again. Catia gave me a jello pedicure. It was different and fun. Catia was also very gentle. My pedicure is beautiful and I will be returning.

  • MM

    Mekale M.

    nov 4, 2022

    Great service

  • J


    nov 3, 2022

    como sempre excelente trabalho e acolhimento

  • Maria isabel B.

    nov 2, 2022

    Excelente, tratamento maravilhoso, menina muito atenciosa

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