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Atah’s elegance

Atah’s elegance



553 Upper Wentworth Street, Hamilton, L9A 4T8, Ontario


Powder Brows



90 hot stone massage

1h 30min


kids hairstyle & makeup



5 Sessions Relaxing Massage



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KiLai Skin Glow, Laser and Brow

KiLai Skin Glow, Laser and Brow



134 Ottawa Street north, Hamilton, L8H 3Z3, Ontario

OMBRE SHADING (4-6 weeks touch-up)

2h 15min

From $150










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R. Luxury Nails & Beauty

R. Luxury Nails & Beauty



663 1/2 Fennell Avenue East, Hamilton East Hamilton, L8V 1T9, Ontario

Women only

correction Brow

1h 30min


ombré brow touch up 6 months to a year



ombré brow touch up 6 weeks - 6 months



Ombré brow touch up 4-6 weeks



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The Brow Mami

The Brow Mami

598 Concession Street, Hamilton Eastmount, L8V 1B3, Ontario


Hybrid Stain



Eyebrow waxing






Full Face



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Powder Brows FAQs

The powder brows technique is a permanent make-up procedure that subtly creates fuller, more defined looking eyebrows with a soft-powder finish. It achieves this by using a device similar to a tattoo gun to deposit coloured pigment into the layers of skin beneath your brows.

Between 12 to 18 months. (Powder brows are preferred by those with oily skin as they tend to last longer than microblading, which can fade more quickly.)

There are six main styles of powder brows: Classic – leaves you with a solid yet subtle, and defined brow finish. Soft – results in a more powdery make-up effect. Soft ombre – creates a look that’s solid and defined at the eyebrow tail, but gets gradually lighter across the brow towards the top of the eyebrow and arch. Bold ombre – creates a defined eyebrow that’s bold at the eyebrow tails and arch, but gradually lightens as it reaches the eyebrow bulb. Combination – a mix of microblading eyebrow strokes and the powder brow effect. 3D pixel ombre – inserts pigment in various sizes to create an arched eyebrow in a soft, medium or bold ombre style.

Do your research: look online for a permanent makeup artist near you and check their qualifications and reviews. Be sure to check their social media accounts too – you should be able to see images of their best work and comments from their clients.

Your appointment will start with an eyebrow cleanse. Your permanent makeup artist will then map out where pigment will be inserted, taking care to ensure the shape and measurements of your brows are exactly the same, and remove any stray or fine hairs that sit outside the outline they’ve just created.

Healing tends to take between 4-6 weeks, and during this period you’ll need to take particularly good care of your eyebrows, cleaning them regularly using cotton pads and sterile water. For the best results and fastest healing, follow the specific aftercare instructions given to you by your powder brow artist.

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Powder brows might be soft and subtle, but they can make a big difference in defining your face. And because they're a long-lasting solution for thinning or barely-there brows, you could be saving a significant amount of time on your daily eyebrow routine too.

Ombre powder brows are sometimes preferred to other semi-permanent makeup solutions because they give natural-looking results that gradually fade. That can mean less top-up treatment and more realistic-looking results. Powder brows usually take between 1 hour and 3 hours, while a powder-like pigment is set into your skin. You can find powder brows on Fresha and book with our salon partners in Inch Park from $100.

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