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Walter Todd at DKhair

Walter Todd at DKhair



123 W. Washington st., San Diego Hillcrest, 92103, California

Keratin Blowout

3h 30min

From $400

Walter distinction haircut



Root touch up

1h 30min - 2h


Shampoo + Blow Dry

45min - 1h


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Hayley Marie Salon

Hayley Marie Salon

6699 Tuxedo Road, San Diego San Carlos, 92119, California


Relaxer Retouch



Scalp Derm w/out blowout









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French Twist

French Twist

685 2nd AVE, San Diego Marina, 92101, California


1h 30min - 3h 45min





Brief Consult



Promo: Mens Cut

20min - 45min


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Permanent Hair Straightening FAQs

Permanent hair straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning or Japanese straightening, is a chemical process that alters the structure of your hair to make it straight for long periods of time. First, chemical relaxants are applied to your hair to break down its natural bonds. Then your hair is straightened using heat and neutralized to lock in the new shape, leaving you with straight, sleek hair.

After getting a permanent hair straightening treatment, you'll enjoy long-lasting straight hair, reduced styling time, and improved manageability. It eliminates frizz and creates a smooth, sleek appearance. The treatment is well-suited for individuals with curly, wavy, or frizzy hair who want straight hair. Permanent hair straightening works best on healthy hair, so consult with your stylist to check that your hair is in good condition for the treatment.

When performed by a skilled professional, permanent hair straightening is safe. However, the chemicals involved can lead to dryness, brittleness, and potentially hair breakage if your hair isn't cared for properly during and after the treatment. Some people may also have an allergic reaction to the chemicals used. Consult with your stylist first to make sure you understand the process and potential risks.

Permanent hair straightening can last anywhere from 4-6 months, depending on your hair type and how fast it grows. To maintain your straightened hair for as long as possible, use hair care products like sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, avoid chlorine and saltwater, and get regular touch-ups at the salon every few months as your hair grows out.

Yes – but you should wait at least two weeks after the straightening treatment before coloring your hair, to avoid potential damage and over-processing. As for styling, you can still use styling tools, but keep heat exposure to a minimum to avoid drying out your hair.

To choosing the perfect salon or stylist for permanent hair straightening, you need to research the treatment beforehand and ask your stylist the right questions. Look for a salon with positive reviews, especially for hair straightening treatments. Arrange a consultation before booking your appointment, where you can ask about your stylist's experience, what products they use, and their approach to hair care following the treatment. You'll know that you've found a good stylist if they prioritise your hair's health and can confidently answer all of your questions.

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For a poker-straight look that lasts, try permanent hair straightening. Using the same chemical process as a perm, but without the curl, the hair is relaxed at the follicle.

This changes the hair's proteins, and once a neutralizer is added, the hair is left permanently straight until the hair grows out. Acid perms or Japanese thermal straightening all work similarly, leaving you with a straight-A, low-maintenance look. Chemical straightening isn't a quick process, often taking around 1 hour 30 minutes, but the results can last up to 6 months. Head to the Fresha mobile app and set hair straight from $65.

To date we've successfully matched 700 million customers with their perfect hair, nails and health business. It certainly helps that Fresha is active in over 120 countries globally. So even if you're away from San Diego or the US, working abroad or on a mini-break overseas, you can still log on and book in. And if you find some wellness, hair and beauty businesses you think would benefit from our free, state-of-the-art appointment booking app, we're all ears. Let us know, by emailing hello@fresha.com. We know that time is precious. But self-care is priceless. So make space in your diary for your next Fresha appointment.

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