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J Nails & Lash

J Nails & Lash

83 Wilson street Newtown, 83 Wilson, Wellington Newtown, 6021, New Zealand

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Face Waxing FAQs

Face waxing is a hair removal technique that sees hot or cold wax applied to areas of unwanted hair on your face. The wax is then quickly stripped off in the opposite direction to hair growth, pulling the hair out from the root in the process.

No. If you have dry or sensitive skin you should avoid face waxing because it could make your symptoms worse. Other side effects you may experience – whatever your skin type – are pain, redness, and irritation. You may also experience a rash, ingrown hairs, temporary bumps, bleeding, infection, scarring, allergies, and sensitivity to the sun.

Roughly 3-4 weeks; after that new hairs will start to grow.

You can get waxing for a number of areas on your face including your eyebrows, mouth, ears, chin, nose, cheeks, and even your sideburn area.

In the days leading up to your appointment, stop any hair removal you’re doing in the area you intend on having waxed because your hair needs to be long enough (between a quarter to half an inch in length) for the wax to grip and remove it. You should also avoid acidic products and skin peels, and take care to moisturise and stay hydrated. If you have cuts or blemishes in the area you want waxed, you’re best off waiting for them to heal before you go ahead with your appointment. On the day of your face waxing appointment, cleanse your face as normal, but avoid applying any creams or makeup, and steer clear of anything that could heighten your skin’s sensitivity, like exposure to the sun and sun beds.

Your face waxing technician will prepare the wax for your treatment – they’re likely to use either hard or soft wax. Once it’s ready, they’ll apply it to the area(s) on your face you want treated, then swiftly remove it in the opposite direction of your hair’s growth, plucking the hair out from the roots.

Book your next face waxing appointment in Rural New Zealand with Fresha

Fresha makes it quick and easy for you busy bees in Rural New Zealand to book your next waxing appointment. Browse the best waxing salons nearby and compare services by price, location or review. Better still, you can book instantly with no hanging around. We're buzzing about that. Fresha's got your back when it comes to all things wellness, beauty and nails.

New Zealand's top waxing specialists are ready to book with Fresha. And you'll find them across Rural New Zealand at We know that only the best is good enough. No need to take our word for it. The customers booking through our site have sorted that. You can read over 2 million of their authentic reviews on Fresha. And we've got just what you're looking for. Let us match you with your new favourite today.

The face waxing professionals in Rural New Zealand can deal with all your unwanted facial hair in less than 15 minutes. Your brows can be defined, and your upper lip smoothed.

An unruly beard line or monobrow can be whisked away before you can say, 'where's my razor?.' The regrowth after waxing can be much softer and weaker than post-shaving stubble. Search Fresha for great deals at waxing salons near you, and expect to pay from $15 for face waxing around Rural New Zealand. Once you've tried regular waxing, you may not want to go back to other methods, so now's the time to download our mobile app to make rebooking quicker and easier every time.

Here at Fresha we're pretty proud of our record. We've booked more than 700 million appointments around the world, and we’re racking up the numbers in Rural New Zealand, New Zealand, fast. But we couldn't have done all that without partnering with 450,000 talented Fresha professionals, all using our top-ranked appointment scheduler to grow their businesses. And of course, esteemed customers just like you. Hearing from our Fresha followers makes us very happy, so don't hesitate to email us at hello@fresha.com. Booking confirmed? It won't be long before we see you again.

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