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Toutes nos évaluations sont publiées par de vrais clients après vérification de leur visite

  • Kayla Z.

    juin 7, 2023

    Wonderful service and facility! I will absolutely be back.

  • AR

    Ana R.

    juin 3, 2023

    These ladies are amazing. Got another great service!

  • ES

    Ellen S.

    juin 3, 2023

    Pat is wonderful and will definately be back!

  • LH

    Lynna H.

    juin 3, 2023

    Beautiful Spa. Staff is great. Sheila did a great job on my lashes. I’ll be back.

  • SG

    Shanna G.

    juin 1, 2023

    Michelle was very professional and very fun to chat with. She did a great job!!!

  • EH

    Elizabeth H.

    juin 1, 2023

    Atmosphere was very relaxing and Michelle was lovely!

  • SA

    Sharjeel A.

    juin 1, 2023

    Great facial and the lady was very polite.

  • VA

    Virginia A.

    mai 30, 2023

    the best

  • WL

    Whitney L.

    mai 30, 2023

    Great service and friendly employees. Excellent experience.

  • RB

    Rama B.

    mai 27, 2023

    Excellent service

    Michelle K

    Michelle K

    Thank you, Rama!

    27ème mai 2023 22:30

  • RK

    Riffat K.

    mai 27, 2023

    Love Michelle 🫶🏻♥️

    Michelle K

    Michelle K

    Love you too, Riffat!! ❤️

    27ème mai 2023 22:30

  • LM

    Lisa M.

    mai 26, 2023

    Ruby is the best!!!

    LipLash Organic Spa

    LipLash Organic Spa

    Thanks, Lisa! Will relay your kudos to her.

    27ème mai 2023 22:28

  • NT

    Natalie T.

    mai 26, 2023

    Best lashes and facials in the DMV!

    LipLash Organic Spa

    LipLash Organic Spa

    Aw. Thank you, Natalie!! So great to hear.

    27ème mai 2023 22:26

  • NB

    Nwenna B.

    mai 25, 2023

    They gave me a great eyebrow shape and was very friendly!

    Michelle K

    Michelle K

    Thanks, Nwenna!

    27ème mai 2023 22:25

  • TW

    Tatiana W.

    mai 14, 2023

    Always a great time when I come visit! The people are always so caring and attentive to me, everyone is always super sweet. I brought my friend with me this time and she absolutely loves it here and said she’s going to start coming here as her go to spot as well :)

    LipLash Organic Spa

    LipLash Organic Spa

    Thank you so much for sharing, Tatiana! We enjoy having you as part of our family and hope to see you again very soon.

    20ème mai 2023 20:11

  • Mildred P.

    mai 12, 2023

    Facial w Ice was fabulous

    Michelle K

    Michelle K

    Thank you, Mildred!

    20ème mai 2023 20:12

  • leah l.

    mai 11, 2023

    So happy with the quality of service and the professionalism here. I got my eyebrows microbladed, it’s my second time. While I waited for the numbing cream to work, I got a manicure. I couldn’t be happier and everyone was very nice and accommodating. Highly recommended!

    LipLash Organic Spa

    LipLash Organic Spa

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Leah! We continually push ourselves daily to offer extra special experiences for our clients. Thank you again for trusting our team at LipLash. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    20ème mai 2023 20:15

  • AF

    Alexia F.

    mai 7, 2023

    Always enjoy my facials here. The ladies are so nice and while masks are soaking the massage is wonderful!

    Michelle K

    Michelle K

    Thanks, Alexia!

    20ème mai 2023 20:15

  • Tina P.

    mai 6, 2023

    Every spa needs to model after this one ....these guys have it figured out they are amazing!!! We love u and thank you

    LipLash Organic Spa

    LipLash Organic Spa

    Whoa! Thank you so so much for sharing, Tina! Appreciate your kind remarks and for letting us know we're on the right track. It's an honor to have customers like you. We hope to see you again soon!

    20ème mai 2023 20:25

  • AS

    Aditi S.

    mai 4, 2023

    Pat is always amazing. Great work and fun to talk to

  • Helena W.

    avr. 30, 2023

    Michelle is the best nail tech I have ever had.

    Michelle K

    Michelle K

    Thank you, Helena! Miss you!

    20ème mai 2023 20:27

  • SM

    Sharon M.

    avr. 27, 2023

    Ice is Amazing!!!!! She treats her clients like family. And gives the best Pedicure Salt Scrub and Massage I have ever!!!! Also Ice is very detailed when applying the nail polish making sure it's Perfect before she is finished.😍 Thank you!!!!!❤️☺️

    LipLash Organic Spa

    LipLash Organic Spa

    Aw. Thank you so much, Sharon!! You're the best! ❤️ -Ice

    20ème mai 2023 20:29

  • JN

    Jennifer N.

    avr. 26, 2023

    Michelle was awesome with my teenager!!

    Michelle K

    Michelle K

    Great to hear, Jennifer! Thank you! Hope to see you again soon.

    20ème mai 2023 20:28

  • VH

    Veronica H.

    avr. 24, 2023

    Love Ruby...she keeps me coming back.

    LipLash Organic Spa

    LipLash Organic Spa

    Thanks, Veronica! Will pass along your kudos.

    26ème avril 2023 19:17

  • Judy H.

    avr. 22, 2023

    Always a great experience at LipLash Organic Spa. It's my "go to" nail salon.


    Z-Jud B

    Thanks, Judy!

    24ème avril 2023 22:26

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