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Ξενοφώντος 20, Γλυφάδα, 166 75

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Welcome to Salt Cave Spa! Salt caves (Room 1 & 2) are full of salt mines that excludes minerals such as magnesium, iodine etc All these minerals we take by breathe and skin! Is a natural healing for asthma, allergies, headances,migrane etc , and of course, for deep relaxation, booster for immune system and detox. Our services are Salt therapy - Basic 45' that is relaxation to our chairs 45' , Salt Cave Massages 45' , 60' , 90' ( Face Lift, Full Body massage - therapeutic, Reflexology, Thai massage, Lymphatic massage, Anti-cellulite Massage, Balinese Body massage etc For Booking:2109642550.


Ξενοφώντος 20, Γλυφάδα

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10:00π.μ. - 8:00μ.μ.


10:00π.μ. - 8:00μ.μ.


10:00π.μ. - 8:00μ.μ.


10:00π.μ. - 8:00μ.μ.


10:00π.μ. - 8:00μ.μ.


10:00π.μ. - 6:00μ.μ.



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