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120 Old South Head Road, Bellevue Hill, 2023, New South Wales

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Welcome to Sustainable Lifestyle. I’m Daisy, a Certified Holistic Kinesiologist. High-achieving men and women come to me when they’re ready to expand their success to all aspects of their life: health, love and joy. A Life 2.0! If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place. So, what does a Sustainable Lifestyle look like for you? 1. Freedom & Vitality: Shift from chronic health conditions, fatigue, physical pains, sleeping disorders to a life Free from pains and Energised to live and lead your life. 2. Love & Harmony: Resolve difficulties in current relationships and challenges in finding your dream partner in order to live your life in loving, supportive and harmonious relationships 3. Mindfulness & Joy: Moving from stresses, anxiety and a flat life to a life that you feel relaxed, mindful and every day is colored by joys Whichever your goals are in the above, I can help you find your unique path to a happy, healthy and balanced life. I expect my clients to achieve sustainable results. Our work together is not about temporary relief. As a Certified Holistic Kinesiologist, I have the advantage of seeing the overall picture of my client’s health, from which I help my clients navigate the web of interconnected factors in order to identify the root cause of their problems then address the issues at the source. What I want for you is a new lifestyle that you wake up every day with vitality to achieve your dreams and share your "infectious" love and joy with the world. It's a LIFE 2.0! .


120 Old South Head Road, Bellevue Hill, New South Wales

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