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Yamuna Devi C.

22 marras 2022 2:37ip

5 rating


N.Bar is a reflection of who we are. We’re a pioneering brand that is as strong, determined, innovative and hardworking as you are. There’s one difference though. While your priorities in life may change, our priority is always you. There’s none of the back-to-back hustle and bustle you find in most nail bars here – or any mention of deadlines and school runs. This is your “me time”.

Opening times

  • maanantaina

    • 10:00ap - 7:00ip

  • tiistaina

    • 10:00ap - 7:00ip

  • keskiviikkona

    • 10:00ap - 7:00ip

  • torstaina

    • 10:00ap - 7:00ip

  • perjantaina

    • 10:00ap - 7:00ip

  • lauantaina

    • 10:00ap - 7:00ip

  • sunnuntaina

    • 11:00ap - 5:00ip

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UK, 64 Blandford Street, Marylebone, London, England Get directions

  • N.Bar Marylebone

  • 5 rating with 1 votes

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N.Bar Marylebone

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