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3317 Northwest 10th Terrace, STE 404, Fort Lauderdale, 33309, Florida

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As Astrologer I believe in a higher power that guides us (God, light, universe whatever you call it), and my job is to show that light. Your birth chart can tell more about your life than you may realize. Gain insight into what you need to do in order to be your best self in the present and in the future. As Life Coach my goal is to help you believe in yourself and head your life in the directions that you deserve and desire, you are in the driver seat, decide where you would like to go. Getting your mind, body, and spirit balanced will lead you to real happiness and fulfillment. So I am more than happy to apply both techniques depending on your needs. I offer: *Birth Chart reading, learn how the planets were aligned when you born and what that means for your life, what are your emotional needs, where need to direct your life. *Current planetary transits and year ahead: get a deep understanding of the energy available and how this applies in your life. *Compatibility / Synastry: a powerful tool to understand energy flows between two people for a better understanding of each one's needs. *Life Coaching: to help you find the answer needed in your life, giving you another point of view about your actual situation, helping you to find the correct path in your life.


3317 Northwest 10th Terrace, STE 404, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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